The Weekly TidBit – The Dreaded “B” Word

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I have been marketing online for just over 12 years now, and have made my share of mistakes.
But to be honest, failing is the best way to learn. I also fell off my bike quite a few times before I got that right  🙂

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started out was that I did not set a measurable budget for myself.

That’s right, the dreaded B word – Budget.

Are you tracking your expenses? Have you set up a monthly budget?

Affiliate Marketing is great way to have your own online business and create a real liveable income,
but 97% will fail in the first 6 months for 1 reason. MONEY.

Money management, or “The Budget” is one of the biggest factors when starting your own online business,
and it’s also the one we seem to get wrong right out of the gate.
Chasing the $47-$97 get rich quick programs rarely, If ever, works and can bankrupt your dream before it even starts.
Believe me, I found that out, but when I started putting my money towards the tools that actually benefited
my business, things started coming together.

Creating a workable budget that suits your needs will build a strong foundation towards your success.
Risk / Reward only works when you are comfortable with the risk.
The old saying “You have to spend money to make money” is true, but spend only to your current means.
We are trying to build and grow for the future, not going all in and crossing our fingers.

I found that concentrating on my “Big Four” made it easy to see where my money was being spent,
and that it was achieving the results I needed for my business.

TRAFFIC – every online business starts with generating reliable traffic for your business.
Stick with free traffic to start with. Mailers and Safelists are choices here.
Upgrade or buy traffic once you are confident or comfortable doing so.

TRACKING – knowing what is working and where my ads are working is essential.
Don’t spend a fortune. Track Your Click / Hits Connect are both very good tracking option to start with.

LIST BUILDING – building a list, and communicating with your list is at the core of your success.
For me, autoresponders are the only choice here.
I use AWeber, but I encourage you to look at what is out there, and what is a good fit for you.

CREATIVITY – creating unique and exciting ads for your business makes you stand out from the crowd.
There are many free to moderate priced options. I love using Build a Biz Online for the simplicity and ease of use.

Focusing your starting budget on these 4 areas will generate profits that you can then put towards
other profit building tools, as your business grows and succeeds.

There are plenty of good options available for all 4 points. Do a little digging and find what will work
for your budget and business.
Of course if you need any help please drop me an email and we can work together on this.

Thanks for reading today, and as always….take time to smell the advertising,
there are a lot of great things growing out there.

To Your Online Success

Kevin Gerber
Affiliate Wealth Maximizer

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