The Weekend Post – More Autoresponder Talk

Hey there

Thanks for stopping by,
I hope your weekend is shaping up to be an awesome one.

It is rainy weather up here at the Trottage the past few days.
I think we are getting some spill off from the hurricanes
that occurred last week in the US.
But I am not a true Canadian unless I am complaining about the weather 🙂

First off I want to thank everyone who supported the launch of
ANIMAL KINGDOM ANARCHY. I have received a lot of positive
feedback from this one 🙂

Now on to the subject at hand. Autoresponders.
I am still getting quite a few questions regarding how they work
and if they are worth the cost.

I recall my first dance with the autoresponder, It was like learning a new language. LOL
I struggled with the set up, with the format, with the concept. I flat out struggled.
I started with one of the big name sites, and that didn’t help matters.
I did finally get the hang of it, and the school of hard knocks prevailed 🙂
Back then, there was not that many options and even less training.

But now there is, and SEND STEED is at the top of my list.
If you are looking for a truly no cost quality autoresponder that does everything,
then I encourage you to check out SEND STEED.
This is part of the Leads Leap site, so if you are already a member,
take advantage of this awesome tool.
If not, membership is totally no cost and you can join right from the

Leads Leap is such an amazing marketing tool,
I just may do a full review of all it’s awesomeness next week 🙂

List building is such a huge part of online success, and the
autoresponder is the most important list building tool.
So I encourage you all to start using them if you already have one,
or check out any user friendly system like SEND STEED

Thanks for reading today, and as always…. take time to smell the advertising,
there are a lot of great things growing out there.

To Your Online Success

Kevin Gerber
Affiliate Wealth Maximizer

My Viral List Builder is a handy little list building tool and advertising site.
Check it out for yourself 🙂
( You can see SEND STEED at work here )