The Weekend Post – Autoresponders 101

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I have been getting a lot of questions lately regarding autoreponders,
and how they work.
As you know, I am huge on list building as the #1 online focus.
Your list is the foundation of your business.

Here is a quick review of what and how for the autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is a service which allows
you to automatically send out emails to a group, or to several different groups, of people.
Think of it as an employee of your business. Your email manager 🙂

The key things to know are that:

 – subscribers sign up to your list, and agree receive emails from you.
 – these can be a prewritten series of emails, or a newsletter like this one you are reading 🙂
 – once the emails are written, the sending process is automatic
 – using email in this way is an astonishingly effective way to communicate
To get started you will have to first sign up to an autoresponder service such as AWeber
and then set up a list within the autoresponder software for each group of people
with whom you want to communicate.
There is a 30 day no cost trial period so you can test drive the autoresponder
and get used to using one.
Try AWeber for 30 Days here ==> AWEBER

For some people just one list is all they ever need but other people who use autoresponders
may have multiple lists to target different groups.

Gaining subscribers

Next you will want to invite people to join your list. Typically this is done by your lead capture page,
  asking them to provide you with their name and email address asking them to join your list
and start receiving your emails.

Sometimes people like to include a gift in return for people signing up to their autoresponder list.
This may take the form of a discount on their first order, a free report on the subject area of interest
or some tips and tricks that subscribers may like to know. This is known as your lead magnet

Communicating with subscribers

Now that you have names on your list you will need to talk to these people.
After all they have given you their email address for that very purpose 🙂

Typically you will write a short series of emails which go out to each new subscriber
in the days, weeks after they sign up to your list. Known as the Welcome Email Series

So if I join your list I might get a welcome email on day one, an introductory email on day two,
something else on day three and then more emails on day six, 12  and 18. I usually end mine on day 15

You write the emails once, set the frequency you want them delivered and then each time someone new joins
they get all your email series, in the order you wrote them and on the days you want them to get them.
There is no further action required on your part.

The huge benefits of this are that:

your time is freed up to get on with the things you need to do
every single subscriber gets the same series of messages…even if you have 100 people sign up in a day,
nobody gets left out. (Try handling all that on your own without an autoresponder.)
The other cool thing is that you can send emails to your lists at any time you want.
So if you want to inform your subscribers about your new service which launches next week
then write one email, press send, and everyone on your list gets to hear the news right away.

Some autoresponders are no cost, but these tend to have limited functionality or may impose limits
to how many emails you can send or how many subscribers you can have on your list.
Inbox delivery is always an issue with these types as well.

The paid autoresponders allow you to have more flexibility with how you communicate with your subscribers
and can give you more data you may find useful including how many people opened your emails or clicked on your links.

Most paid services will charge you based on the number of subscribers you have –
the price goes up as your list size grows. AWeber allows for a list of 1000 before the price goes up.
The general rule is that you will get $1 a month for each person on your list.
So the prices really are not that bad.

The autoresponder is such an important tool, I really encourage you to search out what is available,
and what will work for you. The no cost 30 day trials make it a bit easier. 
Get your 30 Day AWeber Trial Here ==> AWEBER
Remember though, this is your business, and your list is the foundation.

Please let me know if you need any help with this important subject.

Thanks for reading today, and as always…. take time to smell the advertising,
there are a lot of great things growing out there.

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