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The Weekly TidBit – The Definition Revealed

Hey there Thanks for stopping by, I hope your Affiliate Marketing Business is growing daily. The other day 1 member asked me what exactly is a tidbit.Well it has taken over 2 years, but finally the question was asked. LOLThe definition of a tidbit is – “a small and particularly interesting piece of information.”There is

The Weekly TidBit – June Numbers and A Birthday.

Hey there Thanks for stopping by, I hope your Affiliate Marketing business is growing daily. Today is Canada’s birthday, which means weCanadians have a mid week holiday 🙂The celebrations will be much different this year due toCovid, but the weather is fantastic and there will be fireworks this evening. How are things going in your part

The Weekly TidBit – Stay Out Of The Shadows

Hey there Thanks for dropping by, I hope your affiliate marketing businessis growing daily. “If you build it, they will come”This little quote from the movie Field of Dreams is a fantasticapproach to our online business. What are we building?Well that is a great question :)) Like all good online marketers, we are..Building our Reputation