The Weekly TidBit – July by the Numbers

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Thanks for stopping by, I hope your
 Affiliate Marketing Business is growing daily.

I have been so busy lately, I flat out forgot about
 the July numbers report. I wish I had a good or
exciting reason why this TidBit is late,
but no such luck, it just plain slipped mmy mind 🙂

First off, how are things going in your part of the world?
Are you doing well and staying safe?
How is your business, anything exciting to report?

Just like last month,July went by in the blink of an eye.
 I can not believe it is already August. WOW!
July was an excellent month for me, I had signups and sales
 from 28 different sites, with a tremendous 42 new AWM members
coming out of the launch of Wombat Wealth.
If you have not already checked out this awesome new product,
 you can do so here ==> Wombat Wealth

I am still keeping to an 80/20 split between email marketing
and social media / forums.
It seems to be working, so I will stick with it.

So, with out further delay, here are my Top producers
 for the month of July

Top 5 Advertising sites

1) –  Mailsy
2) –  Trend Mails
3) –  Viral Commissions
4) –  Viral Host
5) –  Viral Taco

As you can see, every month is completely different.
 I know because I Track 🙂

Top Forum ==> IBOTOOLBOX
Top Social Media ==> Facebook
Top Affiliate Product ==>  Wombat Wealth

I am a huge believer in tracking all of my
advertising efforts, and it is because
of tracking that I can get all of these wonderful numbers 🙂
There are many tracking sites and tools out there,
 do a little digging and find
out which ones will suit your business best.

I use a combination of Track Your Click , Itsy Linx
 and Build A Biz Online
to capture all of my results. If you want more details
on these sites, please let me know, or you can find them
 on my blog homepage ==> 4K Success

Well there you have it, The July Numbers.

I encourage you to seek out and find what advertising
resources are working for you,
and where you are getting your results. Tracking Works

I hope you find this weeks TidBit helpful, and if you have any questions
please don\’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for reading today, and as always….
take time to smell the advertising,
there are a lot of great things growing out there.

To Your Affiliate Marketing Success. Keep Safe and Stay Healthy

Kevin Gerber
Affiliate Wealth Maximizer

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